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INSECTO - Traleé







Within a sound story of extended compositions capable of immersing you in a deeply heady and enveloping environment, marked by a pulse that captures almost instantly, where the development of musical tension leads to pleasant states of elevation, this is how it looks the new installment of INSECTO. -Traleé- is made up of 2 long-playing tracks, in an extra limited edition of 25 copies on transparent 180g lathe cut vinyl, inside an outer sleeve with a high gloss finish. Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at SCHWEBUNG Mastering and lathe cut at DISC ARCHIVE.

The 2 tracks that make up -Traleé- have as a common denominator their extended duration and their definition of perfectly intertwined sections. His developments present a listening logic that advances in multiple sequential stages, generating in his listening the emergence of states of pure hedonism that tend to make the listener fall into a need for an infinite loop on each track. The musculature of its sinuous and contoured bass lines marks an eloquent and clear dub pulse. The timbric richness opens space in an agile and notorious way, whose source responds to the intensive use of processing and reprocessing from analog artifacts. The more than 14 minutes of the track -Elaugu- unfolds a precise and spontaneous sound narrative, beginning with a prelude loaded with mattresses of synths in warm notes that are rooted in complex sequences of clicks’n cuts, all of which gives ease and fluidity at the start of the track. Its result, a sonorous entelechy that radiates elegance in its right measure, but with enough height. As -Elaugu- advances, it tends to look for a space of a certain frenzy in its rhythmics and in its arrangements, however, as it goes along it is discovered that the focus is on positioning a hypnotic and captivating state, where each element is delivered to the millimeter until hit that sweet spot of the trip. For its part, -Rack- is a piece of contrasts, minimalist in style with house overtones in a dub glitch cloak, which in its 13 minutes moves fluidly through the most intricate recesses of brainy electronica, meandering in a precise and expansive torrent, giving away moments of exquisite sound and overwhelming neatness. -Rack- is a kind of multi-stage journey, which as it progresses unravels doses of comfort and moderate tension, where turning points are marked chameleonically to follow a more dynamic transition in a game in an underhanded way high-definition sound, to reach a point where the dance floor is the space to be in, whose journey culminates in a sonic helmet that skids zigzagging an artillery of analog sounds of deep introspection. Simply heartbreaking. If your codes are within Crush by Floating Points, Makesndcasette/Tender Love by SND or Tri Repetae by Auteche you are on your way.

Released January 31, 2023

Written and produced by Jimmy Pizarro at Pimac Lab, Chile

Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at SCHWEBUNG Mastering, Bonn

Lathe Cut at DISC ARCHIVE, Berlin

Artwork & design by au

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I N S E C T O   -   T R A L E É   L P

        2 0 2 3   N O C U E D O    E D I T I O N S

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2 0 2 3    A U

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